The saddest and loneliest moment that we may experience in our lifetime is a loved one leaving us without returning. Indeed, our time will someday stop and we’re all aware of that, but losing a family member or a very close friend isn’t just easy to accept. Our beloved departed this world but their souls will remain in everybody’s heart.

This is why we should be good to the living because they can still feel how deep our love and care for them. Because when our loved ones die, the only thing that we can do for them is to provide a funeral they deserve. For this, one option is to arrange a contract with Brooklyn Cremation Services for a suitable interment.

Many of us will only talk about how a memorial would be held when we’re already in this kind of situation. Let’s say that burial is the least priority in our lives because we don’t want to think about it when this day comes. But some people consider this ahead of time, so you can always visit their office if you’re interested in learning about the crematorium process.

Why choose the Crematorium Method?

Indeed, this is a choice decided by the bereaved family for some reason. This includes:

  • Imagine how much you’ll spend on the ceremony, services, and other expenditures. Here, the costs are more affordable and, thus, beneficial to those who don’t have burial plans.
  • In terms of convenience, caskets require more space. Therefore, having urns would make it easier to decorate for funeral rites.
  • Managing urns and entombing would be easier than coffins.


It’s an alternative method of burial system where the corpse of a dead person is incinerated. The body is placed in a chamber to undergo the crematory process and cremains would be collected.  Instead of using a casket, this would be stored in an urn.

Ashes would be returned to the bereaved family for interment rites. Since the crematorium method was integrated, you may ask the providers to prepare a program. You’ll be asked if you’d like to rest the urn in a columbarium or other places you prefer – see for more details.

A family member should communicate with the providers regarding various details of this event. Everything that you wish for this ceremony will be taken care of starting from the viewing up to your loved one’s entombment.


To complete the incineration process, it’d take about three hours. However, you won’t receive the urn right away. You have to wait until the arrangement is finalized.

Sometimes, the cremation service providers have other clients, too. And then, incinerating is usually done one at a time in most states. They have a meticulous system to follow as well, that’s why you can’t expedite the entire process.

When they receive the corpse, this will be sent to the chamber with a temperature ranging from 1400°F – 1800°F or 760°C – 982°C. Bones will be removed for grinding and metal elements will be separated. Then, cremains or ash-like residue will be stored in the urn after process completion ready for scattering – read this to learn more.

How to Choose Crematorium Services?

Finding the right provider for your preferences won’t be easy due to your emotions. However, the family members have to decide as soon as possible because keeping the corpse in the freezer would be costly. Thus, let me help you select a reliable company that can carry out the task responsibly.

  1. Why do you choose to cremate the deceased person?

You surely have reasons why you intend to cremate rather than traditional burying. For example, during the pandemic days, most patients died from COVID-19 and we had to cremate them because of this virus.

Since this method is already popular, many people have adopted it. Aside from that, it’s more convenient and affordable, thus, reducing financial struggles left to the household members.

  1. Types of Crematorium Service Available

The main service provided is to cremate the dead body of your loved ones. What else can they offer you? It would be better to transact with the same company if you’d like to hold funeral rites, too.

Therefore, you should find out what’s included in their package. Sometimes, you won’t have time for other options due to a different state of mind and emotion. Thus, make sure to ask for memorial details before signing an agreement.

  1. What to do with the ashes?

Let’s say that the corpse is already in the crematorium facility. What are your plans after receiving the cremains? I suppose you and your family will help when it comes to decision-making.

Are you going to perform the interment rite for viewing? Pretty sure that relatives and close friends are mourning as well. Therefore, choose a package with a simple program before conveying the urn to its resting place.