It sounds like you found some very interesting jewelry there. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any jewelers in Pakistan that I can recommend for you. In general, I suggest that you first have your items evaluated by a trained gemologist. If you can find a local jeweler with a GIA or AGS gemologist on staff, they should be able to give you an idea of what you have. Our main gemologist just got back from vacation, so I’ll have him check if he has any contacts in Orange County for you. Beyond that, my advise would be to read up on how jewelry is valued. And, if you are considering selling your jewelry on eBay or Craigslist, checkout our articles on how to sell on those sites.

You are right to be cautious with eBay, and I would council you to be careful when selling on Craigslist as well. You may want to checkout our article on how to sell jewelry on Craigslist safely. After retail, you will probably get the most by selling to a jeweler with a trained gemologist buyer.

If you’re thinking of selling jewelry on this platform, be sure to use their auction option. This is an excellent feature for selling jewelry — especially if you’re marketing secondhand pieces. Be sure to offer a variety of payment options on your online store. As we’ve said time and again, you want to provide the smoothest possible user experience for your shoppers. Needless to say, this extends to being flexible with your payment options.

Let’s just circle back to providing shoppers with a seamless user experience for a sec. You must be diligent about finding trustworthy, professional buyers; keeping track of inventory; and making smart written contracts or agreements. Shops will often take more inventory than if they had to purchase the pieces outright. She outlines a list of questions you should ask yourself before making your first hire.

I love old vintage wedding rings, and your set sounds very nice. In order to give you a better estimate, I would need to know how large the diamonds are, especially the center stone, and how much the platinum weighs. If you can take a good picture and email it to , I might be able to give you a ballpark estimate of the value. However, if you are in the Sacramento area, the best thing would be to come in my store so I could look at them in person.


Be consistent with your product photography and try to use similar backgrounds for all your photos. For backdrops, consider using plain white, wood grain, marble, or slate. Also think about photographing your jewelry on a model to show scale and styling suggestions. Try searching online and saving images that inspire you to see if any trends emerge. Pinterest, Etsy, and Instagram can be great places to start. Discover how Shopify can help you do more with your business—no matter what you sell.

Step Guide on How to Sell Jewelry To Stores

These stores usually have jewelry as part of their products. First off, you need to know where your potential suppliers are. It doesn’t matter whether they are factory, manufacturers, or wholesalers. Having this knowledge will make you a very proficient jewelry importer. That is why we’ll provide you with the best tips on finding the best supplier to buy and import from. The Chinese jewelry market is endowed with quite a number of the best jewelry factories, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.

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If you create your own designs or open a physical store, you will need more capital. Many of the largest DTC ecommerce businesses today grew from ad campaigns on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. Ad costs continue to rise, but they can still be a viable channel for jewelers. If you want to run ads, spend time optimizing your audience targeting so your ads are served to people who are most likely to buy. And choose your channels wisely — what channels perform best for other brands might not work best for you.

A retail website requires a significant advertising budget to drive traffic to your site. Unless you are a marketing expert, chances are that you will spend a lot of time and money trying to get people to your site. Plus, customers expect good service i.e. email responses, accepting returns, etc., which is time consuming. Even if you’re great at engaging potential customers on Facebook and Instagram, these sites still charge you to show posts to all your followers. Here, we are only discussing the value of 14K gold items when sold as scrap gold.

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